Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Quilts!

I've finished quite a few projects in the last week or so. Let's go up to the guest bedroom to look at two new quilts:
This is the super-sized queen double nine patch I pieced last year. It was going to be for sale at our quilt show next month, but I like it too much to part with it. Louis likes it too - she's often napping right in the center of the bed in a tiny little ball (Louis is a cat, and I moved her for this photo). Here's a close-up so you can see the beautiful quilting done by my friend Vickie:

This is the second red & white quilt for the guest bedroom. It's a pattern by Buggy Barn, from their book Certifiably Crazy. I like several patterns from this book.

I forgot to take the sheet off the chair in the corner - sorry. We cover it because the cats love to sleep in/on that chair and get it all hairy. Rather than having to constantly vacuum the chair, we cover it and then wash the sheet often.
This quilt was also quilted by Vickie.

I've finished some knitting too, but still have to take the pictures. I've been working on little wool and cotton owls, yes - owls, to sell at our quilt show. They are all done except for the eyes. I must do some button shopping so I can finish them. More information will follow...

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